After all the excitement of Christmas and New Years it’s time to pack up the decorations and put them in the loft for another year.

Anyway…while clearing up, i found a few bottles of beer from The Scottish Borders Brewery, which I had bought to see in the new year with (on a personal note, I really enjoy all three types produced at the brewery and I love the fact that they have started to bottle their beers making it easy to enjoy in the house or (as I did at new years) take to a friends house). 

I decided that I would try some commercial, product style photography with the remaining bottles. Using ice around the bottle and back lighting. Anyone with a knowledge of product photography will tell you how difficult it is to photograph bottles, the objective is to not have reflections on the bottle, its incredibly hard to do, the brown glass of the bottle is unforgiving! However I think I managed to pull it off here.