A little bit about me; Graeme Webb, a photographer in the Scottish borders…

I think I got my first camera around the age of seven. A little folding one, that took 110 films. It was a Christmas present as I recall, and from that moment on I was hooked.

I love photography, every aspect of it. I love how technical it can be, but how sometimes the simplest of photos can have the biggest impact.

In 2007 I bought my first digital SLR and have never looked back, Instant images to see! A revolution!! My new SLR had ignited my passion for photography.

I now take a range of various images. I love landscapes, the beauty that morning or setting light can create is indescribable. I have recently found a passion in studio work and find most of my time devoted to it. In a studio you control every aspect of the image, the light, the look, the model.

I think the most amazing thing about photography is that you can never know everything. I find I am constantly evolving as a photographer. I feel I am constantly learning, there are so may variables with this media that it would be impossible to stand still for long.

 I LOVE photography! Every shoot is different and that’s what I love, the variety! I would love to take your photographs, be it a family portrait, a pet portrait or a lavish wedding.

 Recently I have had photographs featured in:

  • “The Times” – Travel Section in Aug 2010,
  • The Vintage Rag Mag Oct 2011,
  • The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine, March 2012 & October 2012