10 Top Tips for Wedding Planning

1. Start early. The earlier you start planning the more options you have, Venues, caterers and photographers can get booked well in advance, for me I have many clients booking 12-18 months ahead. Planning ahead means you will have more choice and also make the whole experience more enjoyable.

2. Get organised. similar to 1, the earlier you do this the better… create a master document with supplier names, contact numbers, and other important details, will help you stay in control and organised, and can also be passed to another of the bridal part if needed.

3. Two main questions to ask. What kind of wedding do you want? And how many guests do you want to invite? Venues will be limited to the number of people they can hold and may not be the style you want, so answer these questions before you even start looking

4. Make it about you and your partner. This is a special day, celebrating a future between you and the person you love, keep the day personal.

5. Note it down. Its quite simple, during your planning, you’ll probably visit multiple venues and suppliers, take a note of the things you like and don’t it will really help when it comes to making those all important decisions.

6. Remember the groom. Remember what the groom and groomsmen will be wearing need to tie in with your wedding scheme, and what they wear will be in every photograph too… miss matched kilts etc and ruin the cohesive look of your day.

7. Cater for your own tastes. Often future brides and grooms worry about the tastes of others’ and dietary requirements, the advice from a caterer friend of mine is simply for couples create a menu they would like to eat.

8. Be budget Conscious. When budgets are tight, I would always advise clients to spend a bit less on some of the non essentials such as wedding cars or favours, but spend it on the reception, and your photography (remember your wedding photos will last a lifetime and be passed down through generations).

9. Try clothes the day before. When hiring clothing such as dresses, kilts and dinner suits, it is essential they are well tried on in advance, and not on the big day of the wedding. I seen groom and groomsmen in a panic because, shirts or shoes simply don’t fit.

10. Relax the night before. It’s easy to get a little stressed and before your big day. The solution? “Treat yourself” if you are staying in a hotel with a spa and pool, go for a massage and have a relaxing swim the evening before… this will help you relax and get a good nights sleep. If you are at home, have your bridesmaids around for a pamper party, face masks etc and maybe a glass of bubbly too (but just the one, you dont want a hangover in the morning).


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