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Welcome to Graeme Webb Photography

Welcome to my wedding photography website, located in the Scottish Borders here, in the heart of Hawick. I have a passion for capturing the enchantment of your day specializing in creating breathtaking Scottish Borders Wedding Photography.

Your wedding day is a one-of-a-kind and precious moment. I am fully committed to capturing timeless images that convey the beginning of your love story. As an award-winning photographer, I possess both the expertise and artistic vision to capture the captivating landscapes of the Scottish Borders and the intimate connections between couples.

With an attention to detail and an innate understanding of our surroundings I am able to produce exceptional photography that truly narrates your unique journey. Whether you envision exchanging vows, against hills, lush woodlands or a historic Scottish castle backdrop my ultimate goal is to encapsulate the beauty and emotions of your day. Through my lens I aspire to create cherished artworks that will preserve your wedding memories for generations to come. For unforgettable Scottish Borders Wedding Photography that encompasses skill and creativity at its finest trust me with documenting your moments.

This page is a collcetion of all things related to Scottish Borders Wedding Photography – and features a combination of my favourite Scottish Borders Weddings, Ceremony sites, Reception Venues and other resources for planning a wedding in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

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Why I love being a Wedding Photographer in the Scottish Borders…

  • Immersed in the Beauty of Nature

    The enchanting landscapes of the Scottish Borders, with its rolling hills and pristine woodlands provide a captivating backdrop that adds depth and enchantment to every wedding I capture. The changing seasons and vibrant colours of this region create a canvas for wedding photography.


    Deep Cultural Roots; The rich history and cultural heritage of the Scottish Borders offer an opportunity to infuse traditions, customs and elements into wedding photography. These cultural nuances add richness and authenticity to the images making each wedding an expression of the regions identity.

    Unleashing Creativity; As a wedding photographer in the Scottish Borders I embrace the freedom to explore styles and techniques. This creative independence allows me to push boundaries innovate and craft one of a kind wedding stories that truly reflect each couples individuality.

    Unforgettable Moments; Weddings are brimming with emotions that leave an imprint on couples hearts as well, as their loved ones memories.
    I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to capture these heartfelt moments that will be cherished forever. From tears of happiness, to shared laughter I am privileged to be a part of it all.

    Establishing connections with my clients is one of the fulfilling aspects of my job. I truly enjoy guiding couples through the photography process making sure their vision comes to life and building a trusting relationship that helps them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

    Being involved in the wedding industry allows me to collaborate with dedicated professionals, such as venue coordinators and florists. This sense of community fosters relationships. Ensures that couples have a seamless and stress free experience.

    Above everything what I absolutely love about being a wedding photographer, in the Scottish Borders is capturing love in its timeless essence. The photographs I create become treasured heirlooms, passed down through generations. It brings me satisfaction knowing that I am preserving these memories for my clients.

  • Meaningful Connections

    There’s an excitement in capturing the emotions, stolen glances and tender moments between couples. It is within these gestures that I uncover the essence of each wedding transforming each occasion into an authentic and intimate story waiting to be told.

Scottish Borders Wedding Show October 2021 Stand for Graeme Webb Photography dispaly

Scottish Borders Wedding Show Kelso 2021

Scottish Borders Wedding Show Kelso 2021 I loved meeting all the brides and grooms at this years Scottish Borders Wedding Show, Kelso. Being able to show couples my wedding photography and sample albums. We are very lucky in our area, with all the beautiful Scottish Borders Wedding Locations which make for some amazing photographs.  …

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